The Photography Beginning: 2018 Recap

Welcome to the 2018 recap. The idea behind this is to share with you how my first year of photography went after purchasing my first camera mid 2017 + moved beyond taking photos of flowers, trees + landscapes.

You’re likely wondering why you do not see posts previous to this. 2018 was the year that I focused on improving my skill. It was also the year that I spent a lot of time researching, watching other photogs that I adored their work + of course shooting more.

There is nothing like opportunities that arise to give you the chance to go for it. My daughter was building on her social media presence, expanding her business, getting more media attention + in desperate need of photos. So, we got serious. It’s time to learn portraits + good ones at that. 2018 was a rough year + together we spent a lot of time exploring outside. On our way out of town, we wanted to get some impromptu photos on a causeway we had yet to visit.

On this day we set out to retake senior portraits. As an early graduate, the first set of senior portraits were taken in a very cold December. Although the sun was out we both were bundled up in coats, gloves + boots. Second try at a more fun + sunny setting including two graduation caps for a dual graduate.

Next, I had the opportunity to photograph a client who wanted new fun + light-hearted headshots. I was worried that it would rain during our shoot time + it slowed to a light sprinkle. We headed outside to snap a few shots under a covered patio area. Thank goodness for that. I truly enjoyed the shoot + the mission was accomplished.

This fall shoot I requested. In an effort to expand my portfolio, I asked this lovely gal to give me a smile in this casual shoot in the parking lot of a bank on Sunday next to the closed for construction park that we originally wanted to use as our location. The photos turned out great.

I also requested this shoot below. With another lifestyle photoshoot in mind, I said “just dress in whatever you’d like.” The day was overcast + shot right in a neighborhood. I was so excited she decided to wear a Nike outfit. I wanted something outside of the box. How GREAT did these photos turn out!

Here are a few more of my favorite first year photo shoots + blessed enough to be published in a few magazines + social media articles as well as a nationally sold book cover.

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