Photography: Why Does She Do It?

Today while writing this post, I encountered one of those aha moments. Or maybe it was truthfully an “okay, I’m fed up” moments. After a brief rant, the first thing I did just after, was to go over to my computer, open up my notes to work on what I love to do and continue building the growth of that as my business.

Before I share with you my why, let me give you some background. All passions begin with a spark. I couldn’t pinpoint when exactly this spark happened if I wanted to. But, I can tell you it began with wanting a polaroid like the others, buying a disposable camera and heavily admiring whatever photography artist work I could get my hands or eyes on. I have already loved the arts and personal expression. From how music makes you feel to expressing myself through dance movements.

Now, let’s get to my latest love, my camera. I’ve always said that I wanted to be a jack of all trades. And one of those trades would be a photographer. I remember once voicing it in a room full of family and no one flinched. The conversation moved on. That was somewhere near the early 2,000s when my daughter was born. Fast forward to 2017. Just before making another major move that would change my life, I bought a camera. It’s one of the beginner series equipped with kit lenses. But guess what, I still use it. I have upgraded my lenses but it is still serving me right. I love it!

Aside from using it to take photos of what I think is beautiful around me, I get to use it for work. Not just mine, but as my child blossoms into her public career I get the first opportunity to document and help to build her brand. Shortly after, I found myself getting out of my comfort zone and shooting others. Without a doubt, I learn something new every time. From lighting, angles, personalities and mechanics down to editing. In reflection, I can honestly say that none of it has been discomforting to me. I am actually excited and welcome the overwhelm of having too much content to edit or not enough space to shoot another event or having to implement another strategy to my workflow & editing process.

Furthermore, I am ecstatic to work with you. It feels amazing to share my eye with people who also love my work and want to put it out into the world and share it. Creating a business out of what I love to do is mighty fine with me. It certainly checks one of the boxes of life.

Hi, I’m Nadia the quirky goof behind the camera. Let’s make some magic today.

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