Branding Session: Fitness Campaign

Starting the day with the first series to a campaign in mind, we headed to a local park just in the nearby neighborhood and scouted a few spots to shoot. The weather was amazing but direct sunlight was of concern, so we kept that in mind. The goal was to get five to ten fitness lifestyle poses. With props of only a yoga mat and the surrounding scene, I was challenged to get creative with how to tell this influencer’s story of what many least expect but What Brown Girls Can Do.

What I’ve learned in my style of photography is that I quickly become inspired by the scene around me to determine how comfortable the model feels and how well the image will transfer to the audience. It took a handful of practice shots to warm up and a few yoga poses to open up what quickly changed to giggles. This altered the dynamic but in a great way. Active photography can be quite serious wouldn’t you say? While the model is focusing on the proper positioning, how the body will transfer on camera and holding the pose just right, the photographer does what they do by squatting, leveling and focusing. This time, I was in my comfort zone with capturing a twist to exercise and how fun it can be while meeting your goals in whatever form of exercise pleases your body.

This shoot was different in many ways from the active shoot we completed the year before starting with a different location and a different style goal. Check it out! Wrapping up with some lifestyle shots along with props helped to share the feeling of the activity. Whether you are creating a brand shoot, capturing products or merchandise to sell or having a fun styled selection of photos I would like to share five tips to having a successful fitness lifestyle shoot.

1. Bring Fitness Equipment - Bring active or fitness props to help you get comfortable in your traditional active element. Nothing better than capturing the true feeling but after a set of reps.

2. Music Motivation - Do you listen to music while working out? Bring along your favorite tunes that keep you on pace and will also put you in that same mood that you will want to transfer in camera

3. Find your pose - You most likely have already checked out some active photos that you would like to model your shoot after from maybe pinterest or other photographers on instagram. Save some of those poses to share with the photographer of the feeling you want to convey

4. Location yes Location - Do you want a gym shoot, fitness studio, in the park or downtown scene? Scout locations. Don’t forget to get permission from the management if you decide on a great styled interior.

5. Keep Moving - Don’t just smile and strike a pose but keep moving. You may not know it but every slight movement you make creates another naturally beautiful image. For instance, laughing creates a smile like no other. When look down and back up builds intrigue in your eyes. You’ve got this!

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