No Fuss: 30 Minute Brand Mini Session

What a beautiful day this was. I was able to capture some amazing brand photos and can you believe it was only within approximately thirty minutes? I’ll share with you how I did it.

I was capturing commencement event photos on this day. It spanned several hours + there was a break between the sessions. For the break, we set out to a popular downtown attraction where people walk + ride the trails, swing on the benches, enjoy the water feature or grab a bite to eat. This was a great location because it hosted colorful grass + trees, awesome leading lines in the finely manicured pathways + bridges as well as white bright backgrounds in the sidewalks. This is one of my favorite locations that I listed in “18 Photoshoot Location Ideas.”

Let’s get into the concept. The idea was to capture fun + light-hearted brand photos. After showcasing months of fall + winter photos, this speaker wanted to showcase natural light yet still professional brand photos to clients who may be looking to book a different style for their events. This scene met that requirement.

How is this 30 Minute Brand Mini Session different from other professional brand photos?

1. This session allowed community influence in the background

2. Utilizing relaxed, cheerful + entertaining poses

3. Bright Smiles + luminous color choices

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