18 Photoshoot Location Ideas

What is your photoshoot style? You are ready to schedule your photoshoot but are trying to decide what style + mood you want to convey. Your photographer will likely ask you to fill out a questionnaire for you to share a little about yourself + what feeling they should try to capture during the session. You may be going for more of a lifestyle, casual, happy, light-hearted or even a moody feel. Here are 18 photoshoot locations for you to add to your mood board.

1. MIDDLE OF A STREET. Safely scout out a street that can give your photo an amazing + dynamic thrill. We have all seen the yellow street lines running straight to the subject. If you happen to find a median maybe under a subway bridge or lined neatly with trees, it can add to the scene. Brick roads can add texture + color to an urban style.

2. TENNIS COURT Not only does a tennis or basketball court help you mix it up with an athletic feel, it makes the model stand out more especially if the look is NOT athletic. But for the athletic feel, find a good set of bleachers to complete your styled photoshoot.

3. GROCERY STORE Snap a few shots down the aisle at a local market. It adds great colors, leading lines + bright lighting.

4. LAUNDROMAT I have to admit, the latest photoshoots in the grocery aisles + laundromats are pretty cool. I can’t get enough of the colors that make the photos POP. If you are attempting an entertaining shoot, definitely coordinate with your local retail to compose an interest fashion shoot.

5. EMPTY PARKING LOT If your trying to catch an urban or Michael Jackson's Who's Bad vibe. Try your luck in a parking garage or roof top parking lot.

6. LIBRARY OR UNIVERSITY For those educational style sessions for seniors, professionals or educational bloggers, the libraries are usually very helpful in allowing you to get those amazing shots surrounded with books.

7. STATE, POLITICAL OR CORPORATE BUILDINGS I love shooting at downtown corporate building locations for the straight lines, white backgrounds + large columns. These locations work well for seniors + professional headshots..

8. FIELD OF FLOWERS OR GRASS If you are interested in a softer approach, natural, rustic or bohemian look try a large field of flowers. You can catch beautiful skylines, backlit photos or the classic golden hour shots. These locations are great for engagement and family sessions.

9. MURALS How incredible is it to see the local artist creativity throughout our towns. Find a fabulous local mural + smile. Murals are fun + light-hearted scenes great for influencers, capture community growth or travel.

10. BEACH One of my favorite places to shoot is at the beach. Not only can you capture scenes + colors like no other, waves + magical sunsets definitely set the tone.

11. COFFEE SHOP Everyone loves a beautifully designed + styled commercial space. There is a lot of versatility in the textures, large glass windows, bustling scenes in the background. Not to mention the great props you can add such as a cute coffee cup + croissant or beautifully styled entrée.

12. CAR If you are up to trying something new, go for a side view mirror shot, hanging out of the driver side or a lifestyle feel stepping out of car on your way to handle business.

13. STAIRS The symmetry of the stairs draws your eyes right to the most important part of the photo, right? The even color tones makes the model stand out. Not to mention adding levels to where to place arms + legs rather than standing positions.

14. PARK A park is great for those heavy greenery looks, shooting through the leaves + numerous great poses on the park bench.

15. ARCHWAYS Along with finding a location with large columns, search for magnificent archways to complete the ultimate grand style.

16. MODEL HOMES We would all like to shoot in the comfort of our lovely homes but unfortunately they aren’t always photo ready. If by chance you can find a model home to get those comfort or white kitchen shots, you’ll definitely impress. These are best looks for realtors, food design + other home professionals.

17. BRIDGE When I see a bridge, I shoot it. The leading lines to my subject hits the mark every time. Bridges are great for engagements + family photoshoots.

18. MALL Last on this list but not least is a bustling mall. I have shot amazing lifestyle photos great for influencers + bloggers.

If any of these ideas are the looking you are going for, let’s chat! These are only a few of my favorite design locations + looking forward to shooting you there. To chat or schedule your branding or portrait shoot I am here to help.

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