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Nadia, licensed to sell your next home in both Ohio and Florida, is originally from Columbus, Ohio and has expanded to selling homes in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida market. She has been serving the Buckeye city and surrounding areas with her commitment, integrity and passion in real estate sales for over five years. She has collected great skill from several years of commercials real estate banking and eight years of property management experience establishing priceless relationships with investors, private owners and other real estate professionals.


Nadia regards uncompromising service, determination for protecting her client's best interests, and dedicated to counseling her client's best interests on the benefits of home ownership. She believes it is not only essential to represent clients with every tool in her toolbelt, but also to guide them throughout the entire process providing marketing insight and up to date information delivering assurance every step of the way. Nadia has a natural affinity for artistic detail and interior design and if requested will leave no corner of your property untouched when it comes to enhancing the natural strengths it exhibits with her personal touches. An extremely hard worker, she is committed to getting the job done and getting it done right. Nadia is blessed to be a mother and with the same intensity and care she exhibits as a mother, she parallels in each and every client she represents. With Nadia Leggett, you're not just getting a real estate agent, you are building a lasting relationship with your Lifetime Realtor!